How To Connect Two Macbooks For A Dual Display

Computers have been a great invention considering the rapid change in the modern world and the MacBook has been the pricing on the cake.

It gives us a smooth work experience and of course a status symbol or a luxury to show off.

Add to that its capability to handle every task easily. It just elevates the easiness to do a particular task, eliminating all the tensions related to it.

Multitasking is the new normal in today’s rapidly growing world.

Of Course a MacBook may not be enough to do multiple tasks at one go. What to do then? What is the solution to have two MacBooks connected for a dual display? Obviously yes and that is what we are here for.

The process is not at all time-consuming as Apple itself provides the option of DUAL DISPLAY for its users. It’s a relatively easy process and can be done by following simple steps.

You just need to understand it’s step wise and implement it on your Mac Book.In this article, we will walk you through the entire process and help you understand through simple steps.



How To Connect Two Macbooks For A Dual Display

  1. Apple provides different ports with their Macs based on their model and series. First you need to look for the adapters that your MacBook is compatible with.

  2. Get the suitable cable after looking for the ports on your Macbook.

  3. Connect both of your MacBooks.

  4. Open system preferences from the settings.

  5. Look out for an option named DISPLAY. Click on it and open it.

  6. Head straight to the arrangement.

  7. After all the above steps you will see a dual display showing display of both your Macs simultaneously. 

  8. Adjust the displays accordingly by how you want to use it.

  9. Deselect the mirror displays if you want both the displays to show the same tabs to work upon.

Select it again in the future if you want it again.

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connect macbook.png

Connect Macbook


Keep the below in mind before connecting two Mac displays.

Stay away from using cheap and inexpensive cables just to save some bucks, it may forcibly harm the Macs.

And considering the history of Apple and its updates for its products, it’s only safe to use original cables, as your MacBook might not even work after the next update if you use cheap cables.

Though it’s an easy process, some people find it difficult to connect two displays as they head automatically to the websites which provide incomplete steps. Hope we were successful in solving your query. Have a good day!!!

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